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Dog Beach Services

From summer 2014 the dog beach of the Bagno 81 no problem it moved at next establishment , gives to you more space and new services dedicated. So was born the dog beach “Rimini Dog no problem”, the first italian beach entirely dedicated to those who wish go with their dogs of any size in holiday.

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We will welcome you to our dog beach in a designated welcome area where we will decide together the best seaside holiday solution for your pet big or small :

Non-enclosed Area:

You can choose an not unfenced umbrella in the equipped area, the classic umbrella in a row .

The umbrellas of 1° SECTOR not-unfenced (Top sector) are located from the 1a to 4a row.

The umbrellas of 2° SECTOR not-unfenced are located from the 5a row until the last one.

Enclosed Area (Suite):

You can choose an umbrella in fenced and equipped area where your furry friend is free to run around while you bask in the sun with him. Each umbrella has its own reserved area. 

The 1° SECTOR fenced umbrellas are located from the 1a to 4a row.

The 2° SECTOR fenced umbrellas are located from the 5a row.

The SUITE XL they are present in the first and second sectors and are reserved for those who book 1 umbrella and 3 sunbeds or 1 umbrella and 4 sunbeds, because they have a larger size

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Our exclusive services

The bathing of dogs

From summer 2018 il Comune di Rimini allowed the bathing of dogs at our beach . See rules and look at the photos  summer 2018  summer 2019 .

The dog agility area

During the day, if Fido gets bored and needs to stretch his legs, you can play with him in agility dog area, where dogs can amuse themselves, run around and make friends with other dogs.

An area is dedicated only to small sizes

look at the photos summer 2017 - summer 2018 - summer 2019

An area is dedicated to medium-large sizes

look at the photos summer 2017 - summer 2018 - summer 2019

Free courses dog training

To all our customers we will offer free courses with dog trainer (watch video) (see photos)

The dog-showers at the beach, the nebulizer and the phon 

When it gets hot, there are showers to freshen up, the reserved little fountains where you can wet them at any time of the day. Dedicated to dogs who do not like the water, there is the nebulizer. We also have a professional phon for dogs.

 Bowls and waste bags

You can find bowls for watering the dog under an umbrella and the waste bags.

The shows

The show dogs, performances of dog dance, dog agility, and rally obedience 
(watch video show dogswatch video dog dancewatch video rally obedience)

Also on request with extra fee, it's available a dog-sitter and vet service. Near us it's also available a pet shop for anything you needs. 

We also have ice cream for your dog.

All recommended hotels and residences are happy to welcome clients with dogs 

Our love for animals, our detail attention and professionalism are your guarantee for a no problem seaside holiday with your dog...  

The clients of the dog beach also entitled to use all the free services offered by establishment Bagno 81 no problem.

For the dog beach customers, there is a reserved and completely fenced play area for children until 5 years it's available for FREE at the Bagno 81, with “Tata dedicated” assistance.

For all parents who want to relax or take a leisurely stroll, our attentive and delicate Tata will take care "exclusive" of your youngest children, entertaining them in the nursery park, from Monday to Saturday by appointment in dedicated time.

Book your holidays for summer 2023 without problems.

If you cancel within 2 days of the arrival date, the paid deposit will be transformed into a voucher that can be used in summer 2023 or summer 2024 or summer 2025!