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Quote and prices

  • Low Season : price AprilMay and from 17 to 30 September 
  • High Seson : price JuneJuly and from 01 to 16 September
  • Very High Season : price August

Complete the form to immediately calculate your quote, then enter your details to check availability.


The rate includes the umbrella, sun bed for you and a mat for your dog and the possibility to use our exclusive services

If you buy a all inclusive package at a hotel, there is including beach service at  the “Bagno 81 no problem”. If not specified as included in the price the Dog Beach service at beach "Rimini Dog no problem" there is a difference to be paid to your arrival at the dog beach.

At the beach, you don't pay an additional price for the dog, the same you don't pay in the case of a second dog, so the final cost of your holiday in our Dog Beach is shown in the attached price list.

The clients of the dog beach “Rimini Dog no problem” also entitled to use all the free service offered by establishment Bagno 81 no problem

How to book a place in the " Rimini Dog no problem" for summer 2018:

1. Calculate your quote and send availability request:

Complete the form to immediately calculate your quote, then enter your details to check availability. We will send you our availability.

2. Confirm reservations:

After availability receipt, for confirm reservation you have to send a confirmatory deposit

  • Deposit of 20,00 € for the stay of 1 to 3 days
  • Deposit of 50,00 € to stay more than 3 days

our bank details to make payment of the confirmatory deposit:

I.B.A.N IT 47 H 08995 24215 031090008845
BIC/SWIFT : ICRA IT RR RN0 (the last one is “zero”) 
beneficiary: Bagno 81 di Agostini Marco e Luca 
bank: Rimini Banca - filial: Rimini Viale Vespucci
Reason bank transfer: confirmatory deposit for reservation in the name of ..... period of stay at the beach from ... to ...

Bank transfer's expenses are charged to payer.
For bank transfers from non-EU countries (example: Monaco, Liechtenstein Switzerland) because of the high commissions, we decided not to ask the deposit, then tell us if you are from these areas.

3. Send the copy of the payment receipt:

Made the payment send to the copy of the payment receipt and we record your reservation.


Remember to bring your dog's passport, to show us and to compile this document


Per consuetudine della casa si richiederà il saldo del conto al momento dell'arrivo in spiaggia (al check-in).

In caso di cambio di data della prenotazione da parte del cliente, non ci sono problemi. La comunicazione va data almeno 2 giorni prima dell’arrivo in spiaggia e secondo la disponibilità, effettueremo le modifiche richieste. 

In caso di disdetta della prenotazione, la caparra confirmatoria versata non viene restituita, ma non va comunque persa, perché può essere riutilizzata per prenotare in un altro periodo della stagione in corso, o di quella successiva. 

Una volta giunti in spiaggia e affittato l’ombrellone, in caso di partenza anticipata rispetto alle date già concordate, va comunque effettuato il saldo per l’intero periodo della prenotazione. 

In caso di maltempo non viene rimborsato il prezzo dell’ombrellone.